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Deep Facial Cleansing in 1 Minute

Make your daily facial cleansing routine a pleasure.

The PURITY Cleansing Egg massages the cleansing lotion or foam into your skin with gentle vibrations, removes makeup residue and dead epithelial cells, and effectively cleans pores. It promotes microcirculation with a gentle massage, making the skin firm and radiant. 

Soft and radiant skin!

It’s really helped my acne after trying so many different topical creams and lotions!! I guess it was just from a build of natural oils and clogged pores and this removes it for em! Going to keep using and update you guys on the results!!! Thank you!!

Ash, NSW

The quality is excellent, the colour such as ordered. The touch is very pleasant texture of the brush, massages perfectly, very pleasant feeling after its application. After a month of using the brush, I can say unequivocally-I'm in a wild delight! Massage + cleaning + smoothness of the skin after procedures!! Definitely recommend for home skin care!!

Fatma, Victoria

I've used the egg this morning after it fully charged overnight! I've actually felt the difference between using my hands to cleanse my skin compare to using the egg! My skin feels smoother already! Best purchase hands down! Thank you for your products! Even some of my pimple scarring isn't so rough anymore :)


Have used for 5 days now and my skin is getting softer and clearer!! Highly recommend :)

Julie, Victoria

Thank you so much for your amazing product. I love it xxxxx


I've been using this product for 3 weeks now. I was hoping this would help with my dark circles as I was told the vibration of the cleanser is great for blood circulation. And my gosh.... I am so happy with the results, my dark circles have become lighter


I don't know where this has been my whole life BUT AMAZBALLS omg

Love it. My skin feels amazing and I use it every morning and night. Thanks so much xxx


I just wanted to say I finally tried the cleansing egg and wow it is so good, I love it and was shocked at what a good job it actually does. Definitely worth purchasing it :)


Thank you so much. I REALLY LOVE IT.