What does sonic cleansing mean? 

The sonic technology means cleansing with very fast vibrations, which removes impurities with up to 8,500 vibrating pulses per minute, cleaning pores and using massage to remove dead cells from the surface of the face.

Why is sonic cleaning useful?

You’ve probably cleaning your face with your hand or even a makeup remover pad. During the day, bacteria accumulate on our hands, which you carry on your face with your hands. This can cause acne or other impurities to accumulate on your skin, which can worsen the condition of your skin. The reusable makeup remover pad must be cleaned thoroughly after each use to prevent bacteria buildup. 

Will the Facial Cleansing Egg help my skin?

The PURITY egg is designed not only to remove visible stains and reduce the signs of ageing but, thanks to massaging pulsations and silicone bristles, it will help keep your pores clean, giving you a flawless complexion.

How often should I use the Cleansing Egg? Can excessive use ruin my skin?

We recommend using your device in the morning and evening for 1-3 minutes as part of your regular skin cleansing routine.

Can I use it in the shower? 

Yes! The PURITY Egg is 100% waterproof.

How is the Cleansing Egg different from other cleansers?

The Facial Cleansing Brush is made from medical grade silicone which is resistant to bacteria. As compared to a bristle facial brush, a Facial Cleansing Brush is also gentler on the skin, targeting the pores through gentle sonic pulsations. 

Do I need to charge my Facial Cleansing Egg before my first use?

Be sure to charge your device before the first use as it may not be fully charged upon arrival.

Why is the back of the Facial Cleansing Egg different to the front?

The back surface uses lower-frequency pulsations to provide an invigorating massage to the face, neck and shoulders.

What sort of cleanser can I use with my Facial Cleansing Egg?

The bristles of the FCB are made from silicone. For this reason, We recommend using a gel or cream based cleanser that doesn’t contain sand or clay grains. 

We recommend most gentle cleanser, The PURITY Cleanse Aloe Milk Cleanser, is a very light cleanser suitable for all skin types, specifically designed for sensitive skin.

gel cleanser is the most universal, you can use for almost all skin types. Always read the label. 

The foam cleanser is ONLY recommended for oily, acne-prone skin, as it is soft to apply. When cleaning with the PURITY Egg, use a sufficient amount of foam to make cleaning as pleasant as possible.

We recommend the oil cleanser for all skin types, the advantage is that it does not dry out the skin excessively. It is also great for removing waterproof makeup.

How do I wash my Facial Cleansing Egg?

Wash the Facial Cleansing Brush with soap and cool water and pat dry with a cloth or towel. Allow the device to air-dry and keep in a cool place. 

Can I leave my Facial Cleansing Brush in the sun?

We do not recommend leaving your Facial Cleansing Brush device outdoors as this may damage it.

Can I share the device with my sister or friend?

It is not recommended to share the device with another person as it is a facial treatment.

What do I get in the box?

With every purchase, you get the device, the storage and charging stand, and the charging cable. Of course, the instruction manual is also included.

What about the warranty?

Valid with the original invoice for 1 year from the date of purchase.

What should I do if my Facial Cleansing Egg doesn't work?

Try to charge your device. If the battery has been completely drained it may take up to 5 minutes before indicating that charging is taking place. If the LED still does not respond after 5 minutes, please check that:

 - The DC plug is firmly plugged into the DC socket;

- The main plug is firmly plugged into the wall socket;

 If after these actions your Facial Cleansing Egg is still not working, your product may be faulty. Please contact us via info@puritybyleyla.com.

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